About Me

Let's Get Acquainted

Hi, I'm Austin and I'd like to introduce myself. :-) I recently started my 3rd decade on this earth and I thought it was time to record some of my experiences and insights as a result of my flawed and beautiful experience "on the way to Paradise."  I'm a Sagittarius (whatever that means), and I consider myself to be a clash of opposites!  My family and friends describe me as driven and uncompromising and I've tried to learn how to be easy-going and compassionate (both to myself and others, and to a certain extent I'd like to think I'm succeeding).  I would describe myself as a good listener, an introverted adventurer, and a devoted truth seeker.  

This blog came as a result of my experiences learning to find my own voice and my desire to explore the cyber frontier.  Writing is a new endeavor for me and I hope that you might find enlightenment, entertainment, and a supportive friend as you participate with me in this part of my journey.  

I can be a bit lazy sometimes and so I'll put my vision, goals, and objectives for this blog here to help keep me on track:

Vision: To invite myself and others to make and achieve goals in the effort to attain a balanced and successful life.  

Goal: To achieve and record my progress and improvement in four areas: spiritually, socially, physically, and intellectually (see Luke 2:52, King James Version).   


1 - Identify one thing I would like to work on in each of the goal areas and create a SMART goal for that thing. 

2 - Publish at least one new blog post each week that relates to one of the four goal areas and my progress on the corresponding SMART goal.

3 - Review and report on how I feel about my progress and whether or not I feel like this blog is helping me enjoy my journey "On the Way to Paradise."

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